The best news to all of the world is that God first loved us!

He loved us when:

He created the world

in such a way that we could thrive. 

He declared it was not good for us to be alone

so He gave us each other.

He gave us a purpose that is bigger than ourselves

through the Church.

He gave us compassion for one another

to bear each other’s burdens!

 He even loved us when we rejected Him

by conquering the only thing that separates us from Him! 

So we LIVE our best life because He first LOVED us!   


We don't earn God's love by living as morally obedient drones. 

We live the best life BECAUSE He already loved us!   

So we remind ourselves to #LIVELOVED every day!   


If we Live every day as if we are LOVED by God already, we will see that our lives become meaningful, purposeful and fruitful in a world full of struggle, suffering and strife! 

When we apply the truth of God's love to the chaos of the world, we see that #LOVECHANGESEVERYTHING and we are inspired to #LiveLoved!

#Liveloved FOR love changes everything!